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74300 Cluses
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330 route du Serveray
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- Texts copywriting and translations: ROGER PASSY-CATERINA - Catourisme

- Photographic
Service   :  ROGER PASSY-CATERINA - Catourisme

- Technical design  : Quatraxe

Who receives you by the ecological House of serenity?




Personnal data
Nationality: French


2005: Master in European politics by the Institute of political studies of Strasbourg
2002: Master in Politics by the Institute of political studies of Grenoble
2000: Arts degree specialized in foreign languages ( English and German) by the University of Grenoble
1999: Hypokhâgne ( Literary preparatory class corresponding to the first year of the Arts degree) in Annecy
1998: Scientific Baccalauréat option Maths ( High school diploma) in Cluses
Written and spoken languages
English: Read, written, spoken, studied for 10 years
German: Read, written, spoken, studied for 12 years
Italian: Read, written, spoken, learnt with my Italian father for 15 years
Linguistic stays
Spring 1994: Scholastic two weeks stay in Trossingen in South Germany
Summer 1995: Scholastic two weeks stay in Trossingen and Bavaria
Spring 1996: Scholastic two weeks stay in Chicago in the USA
Summer 1998: Private two weeks stay in the United Kingdom (Canterbury, Salisbury, Winchester, Southampton, Brighton, Stonehenge, Bath, York, Cambridge, Glasgow, Edinburgh Aberdeen, Inverness, Orkney Islands)
Summer 2003: Working two months stay in Northern Ireland and Ireland (Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, Dublin, Killarney, Waterford, Cork)
During many years I have spent my summer holidays in Italy ( Turin, Milan, Bergamo, Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Genova, Portofino, Roma, Napoli, Pompei, Paestum, Amalfi, Barletta, Bari, Porto Cesareo, Messina, Milazzo, isole Eolie (Vulcano, Panarea, Stromboli), Cefalù, Palermo, Mondello, Segesta, Trapani, Selinunte, Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, Caltanissetta, Caltagirone, Siracusa, Catania, Nicolosi, Etna, Taormina, Olbia, Porto Cervo, Sassari, Cala Gonone)
Foreign countries visited
Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Italy
Professional experience
Summer 2003: Agent by National Tourism Office of Ireland in Belfast
Since 2005: Marketing manager by a Flat rental family business in the French Alps in Les Carroz


Search Engine Optimization: Optimization of the technical structure of the site “catourisme” to facilitate the speed of exploration of its pages by search engines
Promotion of the link “catourisme” popularity, with consequent increase of the traffic on the site,
Improvement of the informative nature of the site,
Establishment of links with other sites for the increase of visibility of “catourisme”,
Impact of the “catourisme” rank (from one to ten) by search engines on sales,
Follow-up on Google, of the average expense by transaction, of the number of pages seen during a month by visitor, of the report in percentage between the amount of sales and the number of pages seen during a month,
Role and effective use of keywords for a fast reading of the pages of the site by search engines.
Creation of a marketing plan
Calculation of the break-even point to verify the profitability of every apartment
Editorial and graphic conception of a web site
Translation of the French texts of the site in English, German, Italian
Prospecting and segmentation of the market
Acquisition of customers by telephone calls and by emails campaigns
Study of the competition
Identification of the position of “catourisme” on the various market segments
Setting of the sale price
Promotion of the site “catourisme” paying its issue on:
-,, Particulierà,, in the USA and phone books in France and Italy
- About five hundred free sites in: Italy, France, England, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, China, Brazil
- Leaflets, business cards, articles of editorial advertising on magazines of category.
Legal service
Writing and application of the “Contract of seasonal rent”
Writing and application of the “House guide”
Writing and application of the “Flat Inventory”
Follow-up by the Tax office of the fiscal standards relevant to the “land tax”, “building tax” and “tourism tax”
Accomplishment of files to be presented to the town planning office by the City Hall to obtain the authorization for the external modification and maintenance of the house.
Selection and follow-up of the insurers considering their kind of risks covering the house
General services
Comparative analysis of tenders for the maintenance and the restructurings of the building
Selection and follow-up of the plumbers, masons, joiners, carpenters, heating engineers, painters, electricians.
Suppliers selection for the purchase of: household electrical appliances, electronic devices, furniture, equipments for the maintenance of gardens and apartments, cleaning products, choice of foodstuffs with the approach of "sustainable tourism ".
Personal interests
Astronomy, cinema, hiking, painting, photography, ski.


Mr. Cataldo CATERINA


1) Education

Master in economy and business administration at the Catholic University in Milan, Degree in political science at the State University in Milan, Degree of the Fine arts Academy "Brera" in Milan, Degree in management control by ICG (Institut de Contrôle de Gestion) in Lyon, Degree in data processing management by CESI (Centre d'Etudes Supérieures Industrielles) in Lyon

2) Countries visited

60 countries visited in five continents for business and tourism

3) Spoken and written languages

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian (mother-tongue)

4) Professional experience

Translator and copy-writer by multinational companies' press offices, account executive by advertising and marketing agencies, trainer in marketing and business administration for managers, export manager, business manager for Europe by American, German and Italian multinational companies

Management consultant now

5) Hobbies

Novelist (finalist of the Literary Prize "Pannunzio" with the novel "Three clepsydra to the eternity"), painter of oil paintings, aquarelle, etching, mosaic, cross-country skiing, tennis, swimming

Services offered by catourisme:

Use of our private library

It concerns :

    700 books in French
    1400 books in Italian
    200 books in English
    100 books in German
    25 books in Spanish
    10 books in Russian
    10 books in Chinese

The books deal with the following subjects :

- novels for teenagers and adults, grammars, syntaxes, histories of literature in French, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese

- science issues: telecommunication, EDP, mathematics, physics, astronomy, natural sciences

- human and social sciences issues: economics, management, finance, sociology, psychology, politics, law, theology, history, history of arts, geography

    audio cassettes, CD, DVD

Conducted tours in the mountains and in the main cities of High Savoy


- Initiation to painting
- Initiation to creative writing
- Lessons of Italian language
- Lessons of history of arts
- Initiation to astronomy

duration of the trainings: 4 hours for one day or 2 hours a day for five days

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